Productivity tips

  1. Swipe task list right and folder list left for quick transition between them.
  2. Swipe task name left when task name is too long and does not fit into one line.
  3. Use voice to launch app - hold 'start' button when phone is unlocked and say "Top Task List, create task!"
  4. Customize folder options to stop auto clean-up of completed tasks, etc.
  5. Pin tasks or folders to start screen. Color tag will show on tiles you create.
  6. You can show tasks from 'today' folder on the tile. To do that - open 'today' view by clicking the 'today' button at the top of the task list. Then click on 'today' folder label in the top-left corner to open folder editing page. Configure tile and click on 'pin' button on the app bar.
  7. Tap left edge of a task for selecting it. After selecting one or several tasks you can move tasks up and down in the list.
  8. Tap and hold a task to open a context menu with many task operations.
  9. Swipe folder name in the top of the task list to flip through folders quickly.
  10. Phone numbers, web and email addresses in the task note field become links that launch corresponding apps.
  11. Shake the phone to move completed tasks to the bottom of the list.
  12. Swipe task list down to quickly add a new task.
  13. Sync with theSkyDriveto keep your tasks safe and edit them using Excel or just a browser.
    When creating new tasks directly in Excel, only task name field is required. Notice that there are several columns for task name. Use additional columns instead, when you want to create nested (child) tasks.
  14. You can control how completed tasks are handled. There are several ways:
    • You can find recently deleted tasks and restore them. Go to 'settings' -> 'recently deleted tasks'. Select what you want to restore and click 'restore' at the bottom of the screen.
    • Deleted tasks are erased permanently after 2 days by default. You can change that by going to 'settings' -> 'settings' and change the default at the bottom of the page.
    • If you don't want completed tasks to be deleted - you can change folder type. Go to list of folder, click 'edit' icon on the right side of the folder and change folder type as you like.
  15. You can use your voice to dictate tasks instead of mannually typing them if your Phone OS is English or German. There are two ways:
    • When app is closed - click on "start" button and say "Top Task List, Create task" (I can double-check the German translation for that).
    • When app is opened - go to task list page, and drag task list down. a 'quick create' UI will open up and it will have a microphone button on the right. Hit it start dictating.
  16. You can search across all folders. Click on 'all' button at the top of the task list and then on search icon in the top right. Note that you can search tasks by different criteria!

Noticed that some explanations are missing? Please contact support (from uservoice web site) here. Thanks!